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Almost there!..

Posted: June 19, 2012 in The build up

Needs front mudguard lower stay, small weld to steering stop, rear brake pedal position needs tweeaking.

Looks a bit rough but it all works.

Next: Re-fit footrests securely. Should then be able to have a short test ride….

The old cover was beaten up and had no inspection window. With this one I can strobe check the timing without oil going all over the place.

Advice on fitting the hydraulic clutch: I found bleeding the system quite easy. Before bolting up the gearbox outer case you can move it around so that any air bubbles go up the hose. Then push the slave cylinder piston back in with your fingers to push the bubbles out the top of the system Repeat a few times. Also bind the handlebar lever back overnight or longer. When you bolt up the gearbox outer cover you must do so with the slave piston pushed fully in. Then screw in the adjuster in the middle of the clutch as for a conventional system. DO NOT OPERATE THE CLUTCH LEVER UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE THIS. If you do then the slave cylinder piston will stick in the fully out position and will not move back. Then you will have to pull the gearbox outer cover off again and push it in with your fingers… You need the tension of the clutch springs to stop it pushing out too far.

New alloy clutch setup

Posted: September 12, 2011 in The build up

alloy friction plates are j-u-s-t not quite fitting.