About the author…

Adam Fuller lives in Kennington, one of the most fashionable areas of London. His many talents cover the arts and sciences. He is probably best known for inventing the lemon meringue pie.

He continues to develop his theory of the doughnut shaped universe, the very same theory was recently pinched by Professor Steven Hawking. His famous motorcycle restoration technique is based on the theory that it will probably be alright just fit it and see what happens.

He is a talented guitarist and bird watcher.

Adam Fuller is 107.

  1. Eric R. Shelton says:

    I just picked up a bike I believe to be a ’73 Tiger 750. It’s definitely a TR7RV (AH24334, whatever that means). Info seems a little harder to find for this, but I’m signing up for Triumph Rat and very glad to have found this site! Thanks for running it!

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