Carb tuning needed

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

I had trouble getting the Amal set up right. it was hard to start even after many experiments with float height and so on. I also don’t care for the puddle of petrol after every “tickle” I then found what looked like a crack in the manifold so I bit the bullet and bought a Mikuni kit complete with manifold. Bought from Lowbrow Customs in the US. The only UK distributor I could find was Allens Perfomance whose website as of March 18th 2015 said “we are closed for Christmas” they did not answer the phone and their are no prices on the web site. I concluded they must be going out of business so went elsewhere.

Actually I should have gone to who are in the UK and very helpful.

Anyway the new carb arrived and was easy to install BUT be warned, if you do buy one of these kits for a Triumph TR6 650 or TR7 750 you have to realise they are NOT jetted specifically for that  model. You will have to experiment with pilot jet size and needle jet and needles.

Here is how it ran with the carb “out of the box” it started first kick on the “choke” but was obviously VERY lean running, backfiring through the carb and so on:


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