It is finished!

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I have a reg number for the bike and I have been able to ride it around the streets of South London. Here it is resting after visiting friends and before going back into the bike cave:




Back home:




Here is the “Swift” digital speedo. This has to be calibrated by riding over a measured mile. I guesstimated it to start with, completeley wrong, rode to MoT and back at 150mph…




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Today I took the bike for it’s MoT (the annual check on roadworthiness) and it passed! Now I have all the paperwork I need to get the registration number and then I can actually ride this on the road!


Paperwork progress

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I am almost ready to apply to the DVLA to register the bike so I can ride it on the road. 

When doing this the DVLA will want proof that the duty and VaT due on an imported vehicle has been paid. This is normally provided by Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise (HMRC)  I have no such paperwork and I had bought just the chassis and an incomplete engine.

I phoned the DVLA and they told me to email HMRC explaining the situation and attaching a filled in form C384 with all the details I had. I explained how I had built the bike up over the years after starting with just the frame and engine. After a few days I received a letter from them saying they were satisfied any duty had been paid and I can go ahead and register the vehicle. This was a pleasant surprise as I expected them to present me with a bill for some arbitrary amount… Here is the letter:

Triumph moves to new home

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Shared railway arch workshop in Herne Hill.

Hazel tries the Triumph for size, prefres her Ducati M695




Dating certificate

Born on 30th May 1973 and dispatched about a month later to Califonia.

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Getting close…

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Have installed digital bicycle speedo. Have lost clutch inspection cover so have ordered another. Double checking all nuts and bolts. Needs dynamic timing strobing…

Almost there!..

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Needs front mudguard lower stay, small weld to steering stop, rear brake pedal position needs tweeaking.